15 Toxic Gen X Trends That Should Have Ended, Like, Yesterday

    "Gen X'ers are worse than boomers now."

    People have called out the most toxic boomer, millennial, and Gen Z trends — but according to the internet, Gen X can be pretty toxic as well. Here are just some "toxic" Gen X things that they're pointing out:

    1. Creating a toxic work environment:

    It’s not that “no one wants to work” it’s that millennials and zoomers refuse to be both underpaid AND work in a toxic environment. Gen x can’t grasp this because they let themselves be walked over for the last 30+ years as a worker

    Twitter: @TemperanceAlden

    2. Believing all kinds of working hours should be a norm:

    Boomer boss: Sure I’ll provide a reference. Glad you know it wasn’t personal when I threw that chair. Just how it goes sometimes. Anyway this has been fun stay in touch call me if you need anything ever Gen X: I have reported your toxic behavior of not working weekends to HR

    Twitter: @neoliberal_dad

    3. Always complaining about being left out:

    I know Gen X are feeling left out by not getting made fun of by younger generations, so here’s one: Oooo, I’m a Gen Xer I love R.E.M. Out of Time would be a perfect album if it weren’t for “Shiny Happy People.”

    Twitter: @loganbonner

    4. Like, being left out is a personality trait:

    Gen X complains a lot about being erased and ignored but I feel like maybe you guys don’t *really* want the level of scrutiny other generations get...

    Twitter: @LuxAlptraum

    5. Trying to distinguish themselves from boomers:

    The gen x urge to say "I'm not a boomer"

    Twitter: @kambabe

    6. Being offended by being called one:

    if you ever wanna offend a gen x person, call them a boomer!

    Twitter: @solarscourge

    7. And apparently, causing MORE damage than boomers:

    @a_centrism I hate Gen X more than Boomers. Boomers were handed unprecedented wealth and prosperity on a platter and we expected them to do what was right and prudent. They failed. But Gen X took everything their parents hadn’t already wrecked by accident and finished the job with purpose

    Twitter: @Atlanticesque

    8. Being passive aggressive online:

    the gen x urge to start posting all my grievances on facebook and saying shit like “Let’s just say… you know who you are. 😒”

    Twitter: @alex_mccu

    9. Being triggered by everything:

    Gen x is the easiest generation to trigger cuz all they do is browse Facebook and Twitter https://t.co/xiAURs5ino

    Twitter: @SammyboiiiMan

    10. "Achieving nothing":

    I don’t like Gen X they literally achieved nothing and just sorta vibed.

    Twitter: @SammyboiiiMan

    11. Oversharing on Facebook:

    this confirms my blooming theory that facebook is the gen x diary

    Twitter: @ayyriestrology

    12. Being rude customers:

    You know on the whole I hate the generational divide talk, but I will say, that working in customer service I have noticed that gen Z are way more polite than their gen X parents.

    Twitter: @BenjaminReed22

    13. Feeling the need to always share their opinion:

    It’s all fun and games having Gen X friends until they go and have Gen X opinions…

    Twitter: @ChubLifeABZ

    14. Hating their wives:

    I will never understand boomer/gen x "I hate my wife" humor.

    Twitter: @Lady_Geologist

    15. And TBH, hating everyone:

    @LisaMcGov @Logan_sado @k3rdann Gen X: we are into equality, we hate everyone equally.

    Twitter: @hardwurkindaddy

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