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    16 Small, Medium, And Large Mistakes People Made That Genuinely Made Me Pause And Chuckle To Myself

    These people messed up REAL bad.

    1. This Uber driver who delivered this order:

    The photo of the order sent by Uber shows that it's all been spilled on the ground

    2. The person who installed these stall doors in this high school bathroom:

    The doors are tiny, much smaller than the stall walls, so you can easily see the people inside the stall

    3. This employee who was supposed to cut this sandwich into thirds:

    The sandwich has been cut into fourths, leaving each piece very small

    4. Whoever made this salt shaker — and for whatever reason, decided not to have the salt come out of the spout:

    The salt shaker is shaped like the magic lamp from Aladdin, but the salt comes out two holes drilled in the top of the lamp, meaning you have to fully turn it upside down

    5. This pizza delivery person who delivered the pizza like this — after the customer waited for two hours and paid a $15 tip:

    The entire pizza has been folded onto itself, so half the slices are upside down

    6. This employee who updated another person's flight — and apparently changed the destination to an airport that's, like, two hours away:

    A screenshot of a travel app that shows someone's flight has been updated; the original flight was supposed to land in San Diego, but the new one lands in Los Angeles

    7. This employee who put on this sale sticker...

    ...but you can clearly see it used to be £17.99 (not £24.99):

    A sale sticker claims the item was £24.99, but the sticker was placed on top of the previous sticker that is still visible and says £17.99

    8. This delivery man who ENTERED someone's home to deliver this package (according to the OP, the door was slightly open, and the delivery man "didn't announce himself or knock. He just walked in"):

    The package has been put on the couch inside the home

    9. This person who charged a table of two a "large parties gratuity":

    The receipt shows an $8.00 charge for "large parties gratuities" but only two items ordered

    10. This employee who updated this expiration date:

    The same item has two stickers on it; the top sticker says the expiration date is Aug. 28, but when it's ripped off, it reveals the sticker below has an expiration date of Aug. 21

    11. The person who set up these signs...which have a very confusing message:

    The beams between stairs have signs that when read from top to bottom, say "thank us at third floor, hit yourself you will three months from now"

    12. This DoorDash employee who put a sticker on someone's windshield:

    The sticker is a DoorDash coupon, and when it was pulled off the windshield, it left a very large piece of sticky residue

    13. The person responsible for not including this missing puzzle piece in the box:

    A difficult puzzle has been completed except for one missing piece near the middle

    14. And the person who added an extra piece to this one:

    A similar difficult puzzle has been completed, but there's one random extra piece that looks like a copy of the piece in the top left corner

    15. Whoever installed these outlets in this dorm room:

    For some reason, the outlets are indented in the wall, not flush with it
    Someone demonstrating that thick chargers can't fit in the indentation, meaning they can't reach the outlet to be plugged in
    A second demonstration that shows chargers with circular plugs also won't fit in the rectangular indentation

    16. And finally, the person who labeled this garlic bread... literally says: "definitely not plain ole white bread"...

    The bag of the bag describes the garlic bread, including saying it's not plain old white bread

    ...and yet:

    The actual bread is clearly plain old white bread, with no garlic flavoring


    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating