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    Updated on Apr 25, 2020. Posted on Apr 22, 2020

    21 Hilarious Tweets About Ending Phone Conversations When You Have Nowhere To Go

    "I gotta get to the living room. I'll talk to you soon."

    With everyone stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, you've probably been talking on the phone with friends and family a lot more than usual.


    In light of these times, comedian, actor, and writer Naomi Ekperigin, who goes by @Blacktress on Twitter, raised a very important question: How do we actually END phone conversations now that we're stuck at home?

    How are we ending phone conversations now that we don't have anywhere to go?

    Of course, people on Twitter were more than prepared with answers. So, here are 21 hilarious suggestions on ending your calls with class — and maybe even some sass.


    @Blacktress I’ve been saying “ok I’m done.” And just being ok with whatever response that garners lol


    @Blacktress My 5 year old niece used to just say “I don’t want to be on the phone anymore” as she hit the red button.


    @Blacktress “Ok gonna go jump in the shower” meanwhile my shower is like


    @Blacktress "Okay, gotta go. My Zoom yoga class starts in 10 minutes."


    @Blacktress My dad was like "ok, I'm tired of talking to you all." And then he just wandered out of frame.


    @Blacktress I gotta get to the living room I’ll talk to you soon...



    @Blacktress I have to feed my sourdough starter.


    @Blacktress I say “okay I’m done being on the phone”🤷🏽‍♂️


    @DewaynePerkins @Blacktress V similar approach, or I’ll say “well I’m gonna make dinner” regardless of time of day


    @Blacktress “Well I’ve run out of things to say. Talk later?”


    @Blacktress I always say “My son has climbed the window/table I gotta go - call you back” which I don’t.


    @Blacktress @wyntermitchell “I don’t want to do this anymore but I love you”


    @Blacktress "Girl let me go feed these kids, I will talk to you later"...... All the "kids" are 20+


    @Blacktress “Just pulled dinner out of the oven”


    @Blacktress “I can’t do this anymore.”


    @Blacktress “Ok well, I’m gonna let you go” like you are freeing a captive dove.


    @Blacktress Wait, what did you say? You're breaking up! I'm walking through a hallway! Hello? *crinkles paper* *throws phone* *goes back to introverting* 😊


    @Blacktress "Welp! I'm gonna lay down" has worked for me because it's always true


    @FunSizeAT13 @Blacktress Every conversation I've had with my mom has ended with "well that's about the time we would normally end the call so, I guess everything is bad and I'll talk to you later?"


    How are you ending your quarantine phone calls and video calls? Let me know in the comments below!

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