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This 20-Question Color Quiz Will Reveal Your Dream Home Aesthetic

Midnight blue or coral pink?

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  1. Pick a happy color:

  2. Now, choose a shade of red:

  3. Pick a sad color:

  4. Choose a shade of orange:

  5. Pick a trendy color:

  6. Choose a shade of yellow:

  7. Pick a calm color:

  8. Choose a shade of green:

  9. Pick a neutral color:

  10. Choose a shade of blue:

  11. Pick a sunset color:

  12. Choose a shade of purple:

  13. Pick a sunrise color:

  14. Choose a shade of pink:

  15. Pick a luxurious color:

  16. Choose a shade of gray:

  17. Pick a romantic color:

  18. Choose a shade of brown:

  19. Pick a neon color:

  20. Finally, pick a basic color:

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