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17 Brutal Jokes About Things Boomers Do That Are Actually Very, Very Accurate

Welp, they're not wrong.

People on the internet love calling out baby boomers for the things they do, and let's just say they don't hold back AT ALL.

So, here are 17 painfully accurate tweets about things boomers say or do:

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1. Baby boomers think everyone else is *overly sensitive*:

2. They also like disapproving of your career choices:

3. Boomers really love giving financial advice:

4. Like, someone should seriously document this:

5. Boomers love asking younger generations why they're *always* on their phone:

6. Boomers do not like therapy:

7. Boomers like pretending that today's cost of living is manageable:

8. They like adding suspense in their text messages:

9. Seriously, they really love ellipses:

10. Boomers like leaving bad reviews on Yelp for minor things:

11. They reeeallllly hate self-checkout:

12. And whether it's a wedding or baby shower, they enjoy buying things you didn't ask for on the registry:

13. Boomers really like not caring about what happens to future generations:

14. Boomers like complaining to their kids:

15. Boomers enjoy "working hard"...

16. ...and telling other generations to work harder:

17. And finally, they enjoy asking for help...and then giving advice:

OOF. What are some other oddly specific things baby boomers do? Let us know in the comments below.