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    23 Funny Tweets About Boomers That Are Ridiculously Brutal, But True

    "Boomer financial advice: Stop buying avocado toast."

    It's no secret that millennials and Gen Z'ers are very, VERY outspoken when it comes to sharing their baby boomer jokes and critiques on Twitter.

    So, here's just some of their most brutal, honest, and hilarious tweets about boomers from this year so far:

    1. There's the unhelpful money advice:

    I’ve started buying a $5 iced coffee every morning instead of putting that money in a savings account. Boomers furious.

    Twitter: @Richard_Vixen

    2. Asking intrusive questions like these:

    I never wanna hear a baby boomer say shit about my tattoos, “why did you ruin your body with those” idk Nancy why did you ruin America???

    Twitter: @AlliGraz

    3. Underpaying interns — and then making them do all the work:

    Behind every successful baby boomer zoom webinar there is an underpaid 24 year old intern with a 115 wpm typing speed

    Twitter: @areyouok_anniee

    4. Acting like this in public:

    Boomer habits that are mildly annoying elsewhere—wearing your mask on your chin, loudly narrating all the ways a computer system that everyone including you has used for a solid decade is unpleasant and onerous—become absolutely enraging in a hospital

    Twitter: @samthielman

    5. Trying to figure out technology:

    Boomer purgatory is the iOS emoji keyboard. Right now there are thousands of them trapped there, unable to send a picture they’ve taken of a computer screen to a person they met at a farmer’s market. We must end this scourge

    Twitter: @dannolan

    6. Getting lost while looking for emojis:

    I never feel more boomer than i do when i'm trying to find what category a specific emoji is under

    Twitter: @amiyaaranha

    7. Complaining about the economy:

    Boomer pastimes: complaining about the economy to younger generations that are far worse off than you.

    Twitter: @Eric_Conn

    8. There's the unsolicited life advice:

    i'll be damned if i take advice from a baby boomer talking about "here's what I learned in my 20s"... bro shut-up, in your 20s gas was $15 dollars and you could buy a house after working part time for 6 months,

    Twitter: @princetojo

    9. Like, just stop buying avocado toast:

    Boomer financial advice: Stop buying avocado toast 🥑 Reality: Buy whatever the ^*&% you want ✨

    Twitter: @TFDiet

    10. Oh, and if you'd just stop spending money on coffee and Netflix, everything will be fine:

    According to Baby Boomer economic analysis. If you just cancel Netflix. Stop buying coffee.☕ Also, save money by not paying for things like rent, food, clothing, utilities, fuel, car repairs, and other basic needs... If you follow this model you can purchase a home.💀

    Twitter: @Dr_Bipolar_26

    11. There's the lingo like "you scared the bejesus out of me!":

    boomer lingo is so weird like why was the bejesus inside you Dorothy

    Twitter: @foresaken4skin

    12. Taking over Facebook:

    I just feel like all we have to do is take Facebook away from boomers and everything will be normal

    Twitter: @crystalsug

    13. Constantly venting about politics and real estate:

    There's a duality to boomers... it's good that they won't talk about starbucks or tiktok but they might vent about politics and real estate at any time

    Twitter: @fukuedo

    14. Making the workplace harder than it needs to be:

    I’m sorry but the workplace is gonna be such a better place when the baby boomer generation is out lol

    Twitter: @Eddie_Sosaaa11

    15. Because if you're not wearing ~business clothes~, are you even at work?

    My pops was sick when he found out I wear hoodies to work everyday. The baby boomer in him was hating.

    Twitter: @ryanlevon

    16. There's allllll of these behaviors:

    Here are some signs your baby boomer might have fallen in with a bad crowd online. They’re: - Spending more and more time online - Using slang you don’t recognise like “cucked” and “clown world” - Disrespectful and act out during family dinners and vacations

    Twitter: @vonTraphaus

    17. The computer trouble:

    Just took me 2 hours to help a boomer log in to his computer fml

    Twitter: @Reinbark

    18. Making tasks complicated — like, saving email attachments:

    I know a Boomer who would print out email attachments, scan them to himself, and then save them on his computer

    Twitter: @Marshall__Scott

    19. Being the "worst generation":

    Baby boomers have by far claimed “the worst generation” lmao it’s not even a competition

    Twitter: @ZamundaTwice

    20. Like, ever:

    Baby boomers the WORST generation in American history

    Twitter: @Rik_FIair

    21. Thinking that taking care of yourself is an ~excuse~:

    STG those of us who had boomer parents should be entitled to compensation for what they did to us

    Twitter: @MissHelveticaB

    22. Saying that newer generations are "lazy":

    Lmao remember when boomers said “kids these days are so lazy” then it turned out we were all way more productive than them?

    Twitter: @postgame_malone

    23. And finally, being obsessed with their lawns:

    Boomers will stop climate change if we tell them it will kill their lawns

    Twitter: @USA_Comrade

    YIKES. What do you think of these baby boomer opinions? Let us know in the comments below!