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People Are Sharing Things From The 2000s That They’d Like To See In The 2020s, And I Couldn’t Agree More

Scented gel pens were EVERYTHING.

From movies and TV shows to technology and fashion trends, the 2000s was an iconic decade we'll never forget.

So, of course, redditor u/Gaia_Maiko just had to ask the important question: "What’s something from the 2000s that desperately needs a comeback in the 2020s? And why?"

Reddit users shared several things from the '00s that they think needs a comeback, and the responses got pretty nostalgic. Here are some of the best ones:

1. Sidekick phones

The T-Mobile Sidekick, which has its signature keyboard

2. Clear technology

Apple's iconic iMac G3, a bulky and transparent computer

3. Heelys

4. Cereal straws

Since we're starting to become more environmentally savvy and ditching plastic straws, may I recommend bringing these bad boys back

@AlexHughesie / Via Twitter: @AlexHughesie

"The Froot Loops and Apple Jacks cereal straws. The convenience of decreasing plastic waste with a tasty snack is what this earth needs."


5. Blockbuster

6. Low-rise jeans

Ryan Starr and Rihanna in the 2000s wearing trendy low-rise jeans

7. The minimal reliance on texting

Someone talks on the phone using a flip cellphone

8. The comedy movies

Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera in "Superbad"

9. Pizza Hut's Triple Deckeroni Pizza

10. Scented gel pens

11. Pop punk

Paramore performs in their music video for "Misery Business"

12. The cost of living

13. CDs

Inserting a CD disc into a CD player

14. VHS tapes

A VHS videocassette being put into a video recorder to watch

15. The Internet culture

pov: you grew up on the internet in the 2000s

@alltimecrimson / Via Twitter: @alltimecrimson

"Internet culture in the early 2000s was a lot more niche and geeky. Complete Wild West attitude where you can say and do anything you wanted. Now it's become corporate mainstream and bland. I think the younger generation doesn't have a distinction now between their offline and online selves, and whatever you post on the internet seems to entirely define who you are 24/7."


"In the 2000s, going online felt like stepping into another world that was different from real life. Now they both feel like the same thing."


16. Altoids Sours

Apple Sours flavored Altoids in its signature round tin

17. The softer cursor thing (aka, the TrackPoint) on ThinkPads

18. iPod classic

The silver and black versions of the Apple iPod classic

19. Mars Delight Chocolate bar

am I the only one who remembers “Mars Delight” chocolate bar? They need to bring them back.

@RyanThompson_ / Via Twitter: @RyanThompson_

Suggested by: u/dillbobert

20. The malls

Thinking about the stark difference between how Mills malls looked in the 2000s vs now

@JennALT_01angel / Via Twitter: @JennALT_01angel

"Big shopping malls. I loved hanging out at the mall with my friends, running into other friends, working at the mall, having buffet-style Chinese food with an iced coffee, catching a movie, etc. You could spend an entire day there as a teen.

All the malls around me are mostly dead: many empty storefronts, no more food courts. I'm legitimately sad about it."


"Malls. (Or at least something like it.)

Not necessarily for the capitalistic shopping free-for-all, but more so for the social setting that it provided. As recently as fifteen years ago, going to a mall felt like a meeting of the tribes. Gamers at the arcades, goths and stoners at Hot Topic or Spencers, geeks at the bookstores, preppies at the sporting goods or clothing stores, etc. They all had their places to shop and hang out, and then everyone kind of mixed together at the food court and such.

After high school and maybe college, all of those groups just kind of go their separate ways and stay in their bubbles. With the internet being a big echo chamber for whatever you want to hear, it isn't much different either. A mall, or something like it, is the closest thing I can think of in recent memory that mixed everyone up and fostered everyone talking with one another."


21. Old YouTube

22. Flared and bootcut jeans

Lindsay Lohan in a 2004 photoshoot wearing long wide-leg jeans and Traci Bingham in 2001 wearing similar jeans

23. Rollerblading

24. Cartoon Network's old shows

The memorable animated show: "Codename: Kids Next Door"

25. And finally, the THX intro

Do you agree with this list? What are things from the 2000s that you'd like to see make a comeback? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.