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    12 Stories From Canada That Are Just So So So Good

    These stories will melt your heart.

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    1. This Fredericton teen has been playing the violin for her 101-year-old great grandmother from a distance.

    Facebook: video.php

    Music makes the world go round.

    2. A man from Calgary gave his dad a social distancing haircut in the most Canadian way... using a hockey stick.

    Facebook: video.php

    3. The Canadian way of cutting hair continued with this guy from B.C. who used a hockey helmet to give himself a little trim.

    4. Teens from Calgary launched a hotline for seniors where they can call and listen to stories, kind messages and jokes from youth in their community.

    5. And Canadian artists have teamed up to sell custom t-shirts where profits will be donated to Canadian health care organizations.

    6. Canada geese were setting great examples of obeying closures.

    Take a gander at this: Even the geese are obeying closures!

    7. This little dude doesn't want to sell you lemonade, he just wants to tell you a good joke.

    8. This woman in Toronto is channeling her inner Britney Spears with a dance break.

    9. Athletes like Hayley Wickenheiser are uniting Canadians across the country to support each other with the #TeamCanada challenge.

    Proud to share my support. We are all @TeamCanada. #teamcanada

    10. This Canadian TikToker is just practicing for when we're all able to travel again.


    11. Two Métis women started a Facebook group that calls on bead workers and traditional artists to put their spin on the concept of a face mask.

    12. And finally, Sunday night's big Canadian celebrity bash raised over $6 million dollars for Food Banks of Canada.

    Have a feel good story? Drop a comment so we can feature it next week!

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