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12 Times Rachel Goldberg From “UnREAL” Made You Say, "Me As An Adult"

The manipulative bitch you can't help but love.

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1. When she was the center of attention in a room full of haters.

2. When she didn't ask for your irrelevant opinion.

“We don't solve problems. We create them, and point cameras at them.”

3. When she had a mental breakdown on live television.

4. When she kicked some serious ass.

5. When she learned how to ~fuck~ the system.

6. When nothing was going her way.


7. When she got stuck cleaning up everyone else's mess.

8. When she got a tattoo of her newest life motto.

Money. Dick. Power.

9. When it was way too early to start her day.

10. When she realized the positive outcome of hitting rock bottom.

11. When she set the record straight.

12. When she decided not to show any weakness.

Step 1: Pull yourself together.

Step 2: Come back fighting.

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