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  • 12 Habits We Should Break In Our 20s

    One of those sad twenty-something realities is that growing up doesn’t always mean growing out of those tricky/addictive bad habits. While some of us (probably at least a few, right? Anyone?) transition naturally into adulthood, the rest of us still just feel like tall, inexperienced children with drinking permits, biting our nails and having conversations we don’t understand. To the latter, we salute you. Here is our diary of bad habits.

  • 13 Tips For Prioritizing Yourself

    It’s just barely two weeks into the new year, and if you’re already feeling exhausted, it may be time to check in and reorient yourself so the remaining fifty weeks of 2015 will service you and not the other way around. While your responsibilities at school or work, or with family or friends, are definitely important, you should always be looking out for #1 (that’s you). If you’re not prioritizing yourself, it will be reflected in other aspects of your life – so here’s a list of tips for making yourself a priority this year and in the years to come.

  • What (We Think) It Means To Be An Adult

    Growing up, we all probably thought there was one magical day, maybe our 18th or 21st birthday, when we would wake up with a perfect understanding of how to function as an adult: how to call to make your own appointments, how to responsibly shop for groceries, and a firm grip on time management. These may or may not have clicked for all of us, but here is a list of skills that we at LD believe are signs of true adulthood, whether or not we’ve actually grasped those skills yet.

  • Your 20s: Expectations Vs. Reality

    With class in full swing for just about everyone still sheltered from the real world by their learning institution (or is that just us hiding from adulthood behind school?) and summer’s general joie de vivre officially snuffed out by autumn winds, we’re all reminded that it’s once again time to buckle down and work. But this isn’t what we thought our twenties would involve, right? It gets easier, right?

  • The 20 Worst Social Media Sins

    Social media is a many-headed beast, driven by a variety of sins but especially envy, vanity, braggadocio, and pure schadenfreude. Whether you use your accounts all day every day or only as an occasional check-in, there are sure to be a few posters or habits that summon forth the most pronounced eye roll. Below are some of our least favorite social media sins.

  • Tips For Taking Care Of Your Sick Self (Without Mom’s Help)

    It’s November, and the crunch of fall leaves is met with a cacophony of sneezing and coughing. You swore you wouldn’t get sick, but after both your roommates contracted the same horrible illness, your days were numbered. A tickle in the back of your throat becomes a nightmare consisting of (a) clogged sinuses, (b) disgusting, phlegmmy coughing through the night, (c) mountains of Kleenex piling up next to your bed, (d) a general feeling of death, or (e) all of the above. But your Mom is like, way too far away, plus you don’t want to bother her. Here are our best tips for fixing yourself, like the strong independent person you are.

  • The 10 Worst Millennial Stereotypes

    If you have been alive and remotely connected to social media in the past few years, or if you have any older relatives at all, then you’re probably aware of the seemingly universal and ongoing rant against millennials. Sure, we might be into our electronics and spend more time than we should on social media, but we’re far from “the dumbest generation.” If you’re as tired as we are of hearing the same ancient criticisms about our innovative and adaptive generation, let us rejoice in our mutual frustrations. Below is a list of the worst (and often most baseless) stereotypes about millennials. You can also check out our entire project devoted to telling the story of our generation on The Millennial Manifesto.

  • 20 Books To Re-Read In Your 20s

    As we grow older, our life experiences change our perspective on many things. From the foods we like, music we listen to and books we read, our 20s are all about finding out new sides of ourselves. This week for our Twenty-Something Tuesday, we ask you to take a walk down memory lane with us and re-read some school-assigned novels, classic favorites, and maybe even some books you thought you hated.

  • Literally The Worst Things Ever

    Everyone has those “I literally cannot,” moments throughout the day. On this Twenty-Something Tuesday, we at Literally, Darling attempt to catalogue and visualize those incredibly maddening pet peeves, also known as Literally the Worst Things Ever, through the internet’s universal language: GIFs. Read this and more at Literally, Darling!

  • 20 Books To Read While Traveling

    With new season descending upon us quickly and the summer sun teasing us in our dreams, vacation planning is in full swing. Whether going on a post-graduation trip, a family vacation or an adventure with some friends, packing a book is a necessity for traveling (at least for me). You can read anywhere while traveling: on the beach, after a long hike, curled up in front of a fire, at the airport or on a train. Below is Literally, Darling’s ultimate list of twenty books to read while traveling for the twenty-something (or anyone!). So whether you’re heading to a big city, a tropical paradise, a camping trip or somewhere else, at least one of these books is a must as a travel companion:

  • 20 Book Titles Rewritten For The Internet

    As a writer on the Internet, trying to title your work so that it will be easily found by Google, fully SEO-optimized, and instantly catch your attention in the 10 seconds people scan headlines is like drowning your soul in a vat of burning oil. With that in mind, I thought about how the face of literature would change if popular books titles were rewritten for the Internet. The results are not pretty, though it would make book browsing infinitely easier. Check out more at Literally, Darling.

  • 25 Life Lessons From Game Of Thrones

    Here are the practical life lessons the girls of Literally, Darling have learned from one of our favorite shows. Beware: Contains seasons 1 - 3 spoilers!

  • 17 GIFs That Sum Up Our 20s

    There are two universal truths: 1) Your twenties are rough, and 2) GIFs make everything better. So today on Twenty-Something Tuesday we’re combining the best of both worlds and summarizing our life in our twenties through our favorite medium: GIFs.

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