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    I Bet You Can't Get Through These 19 Pizza Delivery Fails Without Sobbing

    Try not to cry.

    1. When you ask for extra cheese and they take it a little too literally:

    2. When it's so burnt AND dismembered that you know it can't be saved:

    3. When they decide to save space by putting the sauce directly ON the cheese:

    4. When they get the toppings right, but something else looks off:

    5. Or worse, when they literally forget every single topping:

    6. When a once-perfect pizza is now a sloppy mess:

    7. When you wish you could ask your pizza if the driver used Google Maps or Waze:

    8. When the person making your pizza is organized AF:

    9. When you actually start to respect the delivery guy for fucking up so badly:

    10. When you realize that if a pizza could get drunk, this would be that pizza:

    11. When you start to wonder who, what, where, when, why, and most importantly — HOW?!

    12. When you want to take a picture and frame it on your wall:

    13. When you call the store manager and don't even have the words:

    14. When you're trying to impress your friends and they open the boxes in horror:

    15. When you start to blame yourself:

    16. "Where did I go wrong?!":

    17. When your broken-up pizza resembles a Thanksgiving turkey:

    18. When you're trying to figure out how something like this could even happen:

    19. And finally, when the pizza is so royally fucked but somehow, someway, you still manage to eat the whole damn thing: