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17 Nasty Grandmas Who Should Not Be Fucked With

"Ninety, nasty, and not giving up!"

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1. This nasty grandma who is seriously just OVER IT:

Instagram: @keithwclanton

2. Or this ~experienced~ grandma whose done the whole "march thing" before:

3. This grandma who shall NOT be fucked with:

4. And this sweet grandma who isn't afraid to give the finger when necessary:

5. This grandma whose poster, quite frankly, says it all:

Instagram: @graceprzy

6. And this adorable grandma who is PROUD to be nasty:

Instagram: @leightuplife

7. This badass grandma who will NOT stop fighting, no matter how many marches it takes:

8. And this grandma who should serve as an inspiration to us all:

Instagram: @shaynartker

9. These two grandmas who are very, very tired:

Instagram: @phillyphootball

10. And these awesome grandmas who realize they're stronger together:

11. This grandma who is marching...AGAIN:

12. And this grandma who understands that being quiet never got anyone anywhere:

13. This 90-year-old grandma who will NOT be silenced:

14. And this nasty grandma who has a lot to say:

15. This happy grandma who surprised her family with handmade pussy hats:

16. This cute grandma who continues to fight not just for women’s rights, but HUMAN rights:

17. And finally, a photo to remind us that we should never fuck with grandmas:

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