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    Katherine Heigl And Ben Barnes See How Well They Know Each Other

    The Jackie & Ryan stars take our BFF test.

    With their new film Jackie & Ryan now in theaters, we decided to see how well co-stars Katherine Heigl and Ben Barnes really know each another. F-bombs, wandering eyes, and Katherine Heigl movie memories made for an extremely entertaining 5 question quiz.

    We told the duo we were playing a game and instantly Ben's competitive side came alive. Katherine was fully on board.

    First question! What was the first thing Katherine thought when meeting Ben?

    Katherine's answer of, "So handsome & charming," was different than Ben's, "Who is this?"

    Moving on. What was the first thing Ben thought when meeting Katherine?

    Katherine's confidence was at an all-time low.

    Katherine wrote, "Is she always this loud?" while Ben's answer was, "I know who this is!"

    Next up, vulgarity. Ben, what is Katherine's favorite curse word?

    Katherine wrote "Fuck," while Ben wrote "#?!@!"

    It was sort of a match, but Ben insisted on making things right.

    Back to the drawing board...

    This time the duo revealed matching fucks!

    And Katherine loved every minute of it.

    Katherine, what is Ben's biggest pet peeve?

    The actress was stumped.

    Then, THIS happened. I mean, OMG. NOT OKAY GUYS.

    Katherine's, "Defensive behavior," resembled Ben's answer all too well.

    Last question! What is Ben's favorite Katherine Heigl movie?

    And...reveal! Katherine guessed Jackie & Ryan, while Ben chose Ugly Truth.

    Better luck next time, kiddos!

    Watch highlights from our interview in the video below:

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    Make sure to check out Jackie & Ryan in theaters now.