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    Here's Why Flowers Are The Absolute Worst

    I realize I may be alone in this.

    They can't talk:

    These flowers are dead just like my heart and soul.

    They're messy:

    They require effort:

    Flowers as dead as my past relationships

    And no matter how well you care for them, they die:

    Welp, glad these lasted not even a day. 😩😩😩 #flowerfail

    The plastic wrapping is annoying:

    i bought two flowers today and the florist wouldn't let me leave without wrapping them in this much plastic

    The stems are sharp and hard to cut:

    Here is a series of pictures where I grabbed a nice flower. last picture shows me getting stabbed by thorns. Enjoy.

    And don't even get me started on "finding the perfect vase":

    Proper way to display flowers. Wrapping still on w/ no food, a fish bowl, and the ends not cut. Emily Eynon wins 2day

    I mean do you, bro:

    "oh yeah I got you flowers they're in the sink in a vase" hahaha best boyfriend ever @billy_lisa29

    They're expensive AF:

    Oh, and they RARELY come as advertised:

    Literally NO ONE has time to deal with them:

    It's a sure sign of a busy afternoon when flowers get dropped into the sink rather than an actual vase.

    Also, fuck soil:

    @kierans64 you flower murderer 😒

    They can give you allergies:

    Thanks to this bouquet of flowers my face is entirely swollen for the night #allergies

    They're confusing:

    @sainsburys πŸ˜‚ 1 day old flowers

    The water gets yucky:

    don't leave flowers in my room well not my room but still theres no sunlight and smells like soy milk&dirty clothes

    And good luck trying to arrange them:

    Most importantly, the money spent on them could've gone towards cake:

    Forgot to water my one and only flower #flowerkiller

    So next time you're looking to buy some flowers...

    Some dudes buy flowers for Valentine's Day to feed the heart, I choose a less expensive & more effective route...😏

    ...just don't! 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊