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16 Gifts For Anyone Who Is Way Too Emotionally Invested In "The Bachelor"

You're here for the right reasons.

1. A T-shirt/cry for help to wear on Tuesday mornings after those rough and stressful Monday nights:

Get it from Tipsy Elves for $28.

2. This mug that tells your truth:

Get it on Cafe Press for $10.95.

3. These pens to give that term paper you're working on a Bachelor touch:

Get them from Knockett Designs on Etsy for $15.

4. This incredible candle, perfect for the times when prayers for Nick and his love life are needed:

Get it from Rustbelt Cooperative on Etsy for $15.

5. This important piece of art:

Get it from Sick Beet Stitch on Etsy for $25.

6. This wine glass that asks the same crucial question we all have. (What would Chris Harrison do?)

Get it from Twinflower Heights on Etsy for $5.99.

7. A print to display at your viewing party to warn guests of the shit-talking and analyzing that's about to go down:

Get it from Pretty Ring Things on Etsy for $2.

8. A sweatshirt with that one quote that sends chills down your spine:

Get it on Cloth Tee for $42.

9. Some temporary tattoos to put on your body, since getting a real one would be a bit too extreme:

Get them from Love & Lion on Etsy for $20.

10. Trista Sutter and Chris Harrison's books, for those times when you just need a little more Bachelor in your life:

Get them from Barnes & Noble for $15.99 and $4.48.

11. And these amazing novels, both with titles that I'd happily place on my tombstone:

Get them from Barnes & Noble for $22.56 and $11.09.

12. Some Chris Harrison and Nick Viall earrings to take your ~signature style~ to the next level:

Get them from Pistachio Moon on Etsy for $8.50 a pair.

13. Or this creepy mask to wear WHILE you're watching Chris Harrison do as Chris Harrison does:

Get it from The Box Bash on Etsy for $6.

14. This card to give to a loved one, thanking them for dealing with your guilty pleasures:

Get it from Artbreaker Co. on Etsy for $4.50.

15. This handy flask because why the hell not?

16. And finally, this print and illustration of Michael Jordan and Abraham Lincoln taking a nap because, well, Corinne:

Get it from Taryn Illustrates on Etsy for $3.

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