I Bet You Can’t Get Through These 17 French Fry Fails Without Sobbing

*sobs for eternity*

1. Come on.

2. You cannot be serious.

3. Are you fucking with me?

4. No really, you must be fucking with me.

5. NOTHING worse.

6. Seriously, n o t h i n g.

Throwback to when I fell and dropped all my french fries😂

— Steven-Raymond (@StevenCumbee)

7. Straight-up torched.

Just burned my french fries what a failure!

— sofia zavala (@SoFiA_ZaVaLa_)

8. Omg.

When your day is already terrible then you drop you checkers fries... @haylee_fontenot

— Queen J (@CulbertJada)

9. “Yeah, I’d like a side of fries — 12 should be plenty.”

Wow, don't overload me on fries @Chilis .....terrible

— Jason (@J_spade529)

10. I’d prob still eat ‘em, tbh.

Hayden slammed on the breaks and MY FRIES SPILLED EVERYWHERE #rip

— Jake Kreidler (@jkreids100)

11. In what fucking world.

Getting chili cheese fries spilled on us by beer guy #houstontexans #somostexans

— Abdul Barazi (@armchairowner)

12. I just…no.

I SPILT MY DN ARBY CHEESE FRIES ON THE FLOOR. The car is new with a clean floor so I ate them

— Holly Cornelius (@Hollyisa_Bee)

13. NO!!

Someone is upset over spilt fries🍟🍟😂😂😂 @GraesonMccaslin

— Katie Brown🌻 (@katie_brown013)

14. Can you even imagine?

15. Ouchies.

16. I have no words?

Dropped my fries @McDonalds_SA thn thy refilled me up & swept the mess so quick I was impressed now #loyalcustomer ❤

— Rea. (@TaiterTrillest)

17. *sobs for eternity*


— maegan (@maeganfoisie)

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