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    Gwen Stefani, Zendaya, And More Female Celebrities Give Advice To Young Women

    "I think the most important thing is to just be you, because nobody else is." —Gwen Stefani

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    The Glamour Women of the Year Awards took place in LA last night and let's just say, the room was filled with some prettttttty inspiring peeps.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    Given last week's ~interesting~ turn of events (cough, election, cough), we asked female celebrities to give the younger generation of women some advice and words of encouragement:

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    Gwen Stefani, who was honored during the show, offered a simple and true message:


    "Write a song! You need to talk about yourself, you need to let it out. I think the most important thing is to just be you, because nobody else is."

    And Shonda Rhimes, being the boss lady that she is, lent some SERIOUS words of empowerment:


    "Every room you enter, you belong in. You're not supposed to not be somewhere, you're not the person that doesn't belong, you're not the person who should be sitting in the back of the room. If you're in a room, you're supposed to be in that room. You're probably the smartest person in that room. And act like it."

    Zendaya did as Zendaya does, and gave us ALL the feels:


    "Confidence is not something that happens overnight — don't rush yourself. As long as you're doing one thing a day to make yourself feel empowered, or feel loved, or just look at yourself in the mirror and go, 'Dang, girl. You look good today!' Loving yourself is a process and everybody's on their own clock."

    Gabourey Sidibe straight up said what we all needed to hear:


    "You don't have to become Britney Spears or Beyoncé in order to be happy. You are responsible for you own happiness and you need to go out and find it. Find happiness in little things and they will get bigger and bigger and bigger."

    And Keke Palmer spoke from the heart:


    "Life is just about believing in yourself, believing in your dreams — and you are the dream! As long as you're believing in yourself, you are completing everything that is necessary for you here, in this time, in this moment."

    Yara Shahidi told girls around the world that she has their backs:


    "Even your most depressing days are a part of your evolution. It is important to know that you have a community of girls and women supporting you. I am one of those people!"

    And finally, Ashley Graham reminded everyone to love themselves, above anything else:


    "To all the girls out there who actually wanted to be perfect, perfect doesn't exist. At the end of the day, if you are striving for perfection, you're never going to get what you want. What you need to be striving for is to be your true, authentic self. That is when you're going to find peace, you're going to find success, and you're going to find love."

    The 2016 Glamour Women of the Year special issue is on stands now!

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