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Posted on Jul 14, 2017

Answer These Celebrity "Would You Rather" Questions And We'll Tell You Which Late-Night Food You'll Destroy This Weekend

Because 3 a.m. pizza is always necessary.

  1. Kiss Zac Efron for five minutes straight but never get to see him again, (OR) be best friends with him forever but NEVER get to kiss?

  2. Spend an entire day lounging on a yacht with Zayn Malik (OR) spend an afternoon strolling through Paris with Ryan Gosling?

  3. Have Channing Tatum surprise you with a romantic dinner at home (OR) watch Chris Hemsworth do pull-ups for seven hours while getting a massage by David Beckham?

  4. Get flowers and a box of chocolates delivered to you by Jake Gyllenhaal (OR) receive a handwritten note from Drake that confesses his undying love for you?

  5. Move to Italy with Chris Evans and live in a giant mansion (OR) move to Greece with Liam Hemsworth and live on a remote island with endless alone time?

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