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    A History Of All The Times Julia Roberts And David Letterman Locked Lips

    It's like a fairytale, but not.

    Julia Roberts made her 26th and FINAL appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night where she was gifted a video montage of her and David's make outs.


    They've kissed a lot. Like, a real lot.

    Their first smooch was flirty, fun, and giggly. Think first grade playground, with like, a bashful kid in a suit.



    But their second go-round was much more mature. David redeemed himself, going in for the kill not once, but twice.


    Holy chair slide!

    There was passion, there was fire, all while Julia posed like a statue.


    Odd but sort of cool?

    David and Julia's third kiss. Not their best. An awkward side hug was involved. They were having an off day.


    All couples have them.

    But their fourth made up for the last. David's lip licking said it all, proving that Julia had once again stolen his heart.



    To mark the ending of their loving romance, the famous friends embraced one last time. The chemistry between them, undeniable.



    Check it out below!

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