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    • lindat6

      Julien Bezirard, I am a Brit who worked and lived in France, and then hitchhiked through it to Spain. I have been back on short vacations 3 times since. (Except for the Millenia, when hoodlums threw firecrackers into the train when we were in the Metro going to the Champs Elysees and one exploded on my boots! the year I lived there and then all my visits have NEVER been as negative as Dana said. All I have to say is that I learned French pretty fast, because I was dating a Frenchman, and I think, since you love your language so much, my efforts were always appreciated. Most English speakers who don’t try, come across as gruff, impatient and rude. Maybe that’s why the French retaliate. My fiance took me on the Millenia an even though we have to stay in cheaper hotels in the suburbs, and eat bread and cheese in our room, he is totally besotted with the place.

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