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28 Times Tumblr Was Actually Right About Everything

...Kind of.

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1. When this dolphin got stood up:

2. When somebody was having an existential crisis:

3. When this person was just trying to do their laundry:

4. When puberty was perfectly explained:

5. When somebody reinvented the reindeer:

6. When bread looked cute:

7. When these hamburgers got moldy:

8. When this fox just wanted to make a withdrawal like everybody else:

9. When this poor guy stubbed his toe:

10. When somebody finally found Benedict Cumberbatch:

11. When this hand looked odd:

12. When nobody really knew what was going on:

13. When everybody knew what was going on:

14. When this adorable pinecone got thirsty:

15. When somebody forgot about Hawaii:

16. When this person remembered the importance of safe sex:

17. When somebody's fashion game was too strong:

18. When Pokemon got weird:

19. When somebody got Bieber Fever:

20. When everybody needed to go back to Algebra:

21. When somebody had watched way too much "Breaking Bad":

22. When this person maybe needed some sleep:

23. When everyone mourned this poor insect lady:

24. When somebody clearly couldn't grow a beard:

25. When somebody finally explained all these tricky acronyms:

26. When purgatory actually made sense:

27. When somebody found that lost phone:

28. And finally, poor, poor Becky:

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