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    • limaya2003

      Guys I suggest we voice our opinions to the school itself- through their website. Erica unfortunately this is a topic that African descendants have to deal w/ in our own community- Yes, it hurts more- Please review the doll experiment on youtube- I am angry and hurt that this little girl has to experience this in such a public way- but I can relate- This is an opportunity to make a wrong/right- The policy includes Afro and dreadlocks (and yes other races also wear that style) but the majority are Afro descendants. The battle is against the mentally that transcends to our younger generation. Little black girls fight against the media portrayal and whats considered society beauty- A school thats predominantly black should be a setting that fights off the media portrayal but instead it reinforces that belief- Send a written message to the school that others view their policy as unjust

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