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The 10 Most Hated Lesbian And Bi Characters

If you hurt one of our favorite characters, we will come after you.

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10. Shana — Pretty Little Liars

There are many reasons we hate characters. Some of them are manipulative, some of them are obnoxious, and some just mess with characters we love. Shana is less horrible and more annoying — she’s kind of predatory, and almost definitely evil, but she doesn’t even get enough screen time to fill us with hate. Still, her definite sinister-ness gets her a place on this list. (What is she doing with Jenna? Mona? Why is she so secretive!) Plus, she hit on both Paige and Emily while they were dating.

9. Tori — Lost and Delirious

OK, this whole situation is complicated, and it's hard not to feel for Tori too. She had her fair share of problems, and she's totally cute. But SHE LEFT PIPER PERABO. AND THEN PIPER PERABO KILLED HERSELF. THAT IS UNFORGIVABLE.


8. Jessica Stein — Kissing Jessica Stein

Why did you have to do what you did, Jessica? You were totally cute with your "type A" personality and struggling to get over your internalized homophobia...and then you didn't. You didn't, and you fell for the creepiest man in the world, and you ripped out everyone's hearts. We still can't help but love you anyway.

7. Piper Chapman — Orange Is the New Black

She chose Larry. Also, she's generally sort of selfish. But let's admit it — a lot of us identify with her, so we're really just hating ourselves. It's OK. You can take it out on Piper. Because in the end, she chose Larry.


6. Kennedy — Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Let's be honest, she's really hated because she's not Tara. But SHE'S NOT TARA, and her entire motivation is just to get in Willow's pants, like, while Willow should be wearing black and mourning and not ever talking to any other woman again. How dare you try to touch her, Kennedy?

5. Tea — Skins U.S.

Some definitely love Tea and were very excited to have a lesbian-identified character on this short-lived version of Skins in the U.S. But she was downright awful. Sure, sleep around all you want, but when you cheat on a sweet girl with her best friend's boyfriend, it's over. Sure, explore your sexuality, Tea, but don't be so horrible!


4. Marissa Cooper — The O.C.

Yeah, she's so sad and all, but man was she one selfish girl. And high maintenance. And unsure of what she wanted. Basically, she is all of everyone's worst ex-girlfriends rolled into one very pretty Mischa Barton. And WHY WOULD YOU BREAK UP WITH OLIVIA WILDE? The only reason that she's not closer to No. 1 on this list is that we got to watch the two of them make out.

3. Maureen — Rent

OK, Maureen is hot, but that doesn't mean she can just cheat on everyone who walks into her life and constantly use them and still expect everyone to be completely enamored of her. She should have been given up on as soon as she sang that annoying protest song. Go away, Maureen.


2. Tamsin — My Summer of Love

Come on. Why would you cast a goddess like Emily Blunt as such an evil, evil girl? She plays a lying, horrible person who toys with a poor budding lesbian's heart, proving that love is forever ruined and nothing is real. NOTHING IS REAL.

1. Jenny Schecter — The L Word

If you google "most hated lesbian characters," her Wikipedia page actually comes up. She's the ultimate — manipulative, cheating, lying, exploitative, narcissistic, and attention-desperate woman. Plus, she ended up with Shane. So glad you're out of our lives, Jenny. Never come back.