A Tribute To My Chemical Romance

From those once-emo mourning souls

We miss all of you…

2. Especially you, Gerard

Well, before you dyed your hair blonde and ruined our little emo dreams

3. You were so dark, so mysterious

4. So similar to a weird wet punk rat

5. So ahead of the curve with the whole smoky-eyed look

6. So lost, so confused

7. So understanding of all of our feelings

8. Probably so high all the time

9. And Mikey….

The fake-asthmatic brother

10. You were so badass

12. So incredibly androgynous once you lost those glasses

I am actually not sure if this is a picture of Mikey Way or Kiyomi from the Real L Word

13. So overworked and harrassed

14. And also definitely so totally stoned

15. And Frank, of course

The real bad boy, or something

16. So brooding

(and stoned?)

17. So flirtatious

One Direction fanfics don’t have anything on fans who shipped these two

19. So totally over selling out to MTV

I know Frank, my 13-year-old self couldn’t stand it either.

20. And soooo artsy

21. And then there was Ray, who clearly no one cared about

I mean, he apparently had to make his own happy birthday sign and everything.

22. And then…Bob?

Like, who even is this?

24. But never forget that this was made

Yeah, Bob doesn’t even get to be fake-dancing in Single Ladies.

25. This is all that we, the emo-in-middle-schoolers, have to say:

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