20 People Bringing The Gay Agenda To Tumblr

“I’m here, I’m queer, can I go back to bed now?”

1. This person who vows to never stop:

2. This person who believes in tossing people into pots of water:

3. This person who is actually a queer witch:

4. This person who has sadly fallen into a life where straight people are prevalent:

5. This person who won’t rest until every straight person is filing a report for their missing wallet:

6. This person who is, quite frankly, baffled:

7. This person who would really just rather not be subjected to that.

8. This person who has really done their research:

9. This person who really is just hungry:

10. This person who is working as hard as they can:

11. These people whose gender is “wasp.”

12. This person who is pointing out that heterosexuals really are pretty evil:

13. This person who is testing out their house-calling chops.

14. This person who refuses to watch TV they find distasteful:

15. This person who is consulting a linguistics major:

17. This person who is probably a lot less creepy than Willy Wonka:

18. This dashboard that wants to point out someone’s lies:

19. This person who exposes the truth of bisexuals:

20. And this person who won’t stop until every one of their friends is queer:

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