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15 Things You're Definitely Dreading About Pride

You're totally out and proud ...but some things about Pride are awful.

PRIDE IS COMING! It's gonna be so out of control!

Oh right, it's going to be so out of control.

Let's be honest: there are some things you're dreading about Pride.

1. Like the HUGE CROWDS.

2. Not being able to find a good place to watch the parade.

3. Losing your friends in the crowd.

4. The heat outside.

5. That straight guy who won't stop hitting on gay girls --

6. The straight girls who think that this day is all about them making BFFs with drag queens.

7. Ending up with a bunch of flyers because the people handing them out were cute.

8. Seeing one of your friends vomit before it's even dark outside.

9. Realizing that you're expected to go out with your friends after the parade.

10. People being really aggressive about getting the bartender's attention.

11. That person that won't leave you alone on the dance floor.

12. Spending all of your money on special cocktails.

13. Having to wake up for work in the morning.

14. Remembering what you did last night.

15. And looking in the mirror and realizing you'll never get all that glitter off of your skin.

Really, though, there's only one thing you can do:

Embrace it!