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10 Amazing On-Screen Coming Out Moments From The Past 20 Years

By turns moving and absurd, these coming-out moments from TV shows and movies made us feel a little better about getting there ourselves.

1. Rickie Vasquez: My So-Called Life, 1994

2. Ellen Degeneres: Ellen, 1997

Ellen Degeneres -- Ellen, 1997

3. Megan Bloomfield: But I'm A Cheerleader, 1999

Megan Bloomfield: But I'm A Cheerleader, 1999.

4. Willow: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1999

5. Tony: Bend It Like Beckham, 2002

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6. Valerie Page: V For Vendetta, 2005

7. Dakin: The History Boys, 2006

8. Emily Fitch: Skins, Second Generation, 2009

9. Kurt Hummel: Glee, 2009

10. Franky Fitzgerald: Skins, Third Generation, 2011

What are your favorite on-screen coming out moments?