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    • lilshep2

      I was in 5th grade… I felt a storm brewing in my stomach and I knew diarrhea was coming fast. I asked to go to the bathroom and my teacher said yes. I went out to the restroom and realized a whole class was waiting in line for a bathroom break. After 5 minutes I tried to cut in line and went into the bathroom. These bitches weren’t even in the stalls they were just standing at the mirrors. Then someone from outside the restroom came in and said no cutting. My stomach was feeling the pain I went back outside to wait in line. I knew I could not hold it any longer. Diarrhea like lava came out of my butt standing in the hallway. I finally got to the bathroom and I had to take off my underwear and dispose of them in the trash. I then went back to the classroom and the male teacher was like where have you been? I was like I need to go to the nurse. He was like why, you just were in the bathroom for 20 minutes. I yelled in his face I crapped in my pants. Also my mom came up to the school after the nurse called and was like here is a pad for your period. That is the story about how to this day I don’t know how to do fractions.

    • lilshep2

      It was Christmas eve… As usual my family filled up the back row. As it came time to take the Lord’s Supper I tasted the wafer and it tasted like a fortune cookie (all of the time it tastes disgusting). So as I was eating my wafer, I thought came into my head “they saved the best for Christmas.” I lost it I could not stop laughing in the service. Then the rest of my siblings started to laugh. My dad leans over and asked what was so funny only because he wanted to laugh also. My mom kicked us all out of the service and then after it was over for the next three years my mom has said that we should have never went back to church.

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