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23 Times Muggleborns Had The Most Fun

Listen, things had to get interesting once those kids started going through wifi withdrawal.

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1. Muggleborns are positioned perfectly to both piss off Professor Snape and take over the Muggle world as professional magicians. That's baller AF.

2. And SOMEONE's gotta rep the Disney Channel original movies at Hogwarts.

3. Or the beauty of expressing that commonality and watching as the dominant culture looks on in bewildered awe.

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4. If they're ever bored they can just turn the tables on their classmates and sit back and watch.

5. And you know they get their homework done faster than anybody else, leaving more time for shenanigans.

6. And really, no one else should be trusted when it comes time to choose a house anthem.

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7. Really, the options for enterprising young muggleborns are endless.

8. Once you get a population of people addicted to Beyonce and coming to you for the hook-up you're definitely rolling in galleons.

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9. And you know that after word of the Room Of Requirement spread they introduced their peers to the best wonders of the muggle world.

10. They've got this, guys. Get in line.

11. You know they've got the comfiest secrets.

12. And that they're the best at trolling Hogwarts students outside of the literal trolls that sometimes show up.

Do you think there's a way to print this on wizard parchment and just....have Nicolas Cage hanging out at Hogwarts in a picture?

13. They're leaving jaws dropped wherever they go.

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14. They've got the element of surprise working for them.

15. And their adventures span all the worlds at their fingertips.

16. And that cultural language barrier? It leads to hella game.

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17. And I'm sure purebloods are raised on plenty of wonderful wizard traditions, but some muggle bonds never die.

18. And you know there have always been certain savvy purebloods and half-bloods around to play along.

19. They embrace the mishmash of their lives and it is GLORIOUS.

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20. The wizarding world really is lacking in the cinema department, and muggleborns have the joy of making the introduction any way they please.

21. You know they're the go-tos whenever finals roll around.

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22. Soon everyone will know the beauty of hella.

23. And the muggleborns who decide to keep straddling the line between the Muggle and Wizarding worlds after graduation? They could take over the whole damn world.

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