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Show Us The Drunkest You’ve Ever Been

Or at least the drunkest photo. This is a safe space.

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“That’s me and BuzzFeed’s own Tanner Ringerud the night we got kicked out of a bar for placing chess pieces on random strangers’ shoulders and walking away. We called it “chessing” and the bouncers weren’t amused.

P.S. I won that chess match, so whatever. I don’t care.”


“This is a really nice photo of me letting two of my friends play tic-tac-toe on my stomach. It was part of this 24 hour party my college had, and I am certain this photo was taken before noon. Sadly to say, this night did not end well, and to this day my friends still yell, ‘I WANT MAXXXXXXX’ to mock me about it. They know why.”

And the newbie, Spencer

“For the record, I don’t really drink, so I don’t have any drunk pictures of myself. But this gem was taken in the Hamptons with an open bar and some BuzzFeed friends. #BuzzedFeed.”

Embarrass yourself and share the drunkest picture of yourself.

Or... no shame, we bet you look awesome.