Your 101 Week Guides as told by Mean Girls

They’re some cool people, that are here to make your University experience excellent.

1. Starting university can be tough.

2. Lucky, there’s a group of people that are there to help you through that first week.

3. They stay sober all week to keep you safe…

4. No matter how attracted you may be to these people, they won’t get involved with you “that way” (it’s nothing personal - there’s a contract).

5. They help you adjust to Uni life, and boost your confidence…

6. Because they don’t need any help in that department. AT ALL.

7. They’re super in to dancing and making this week the best it can be.

8. They’ll even cheer you on from the sidelines of the dance floor…

9. But don’t worry - they’ll keep you informed about all the stuff your parents never taught you about…

10. And above all make sure you’re protected.

11. They’ll even help you get home at the end of the night!

(But seriously though).

12. So stop freaking out about University life…

13. And start thinking about the amount of fun you’ll be having instead!

14. They know what they’re doing.

15. So it’s gonna be the best week of your life!

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