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56 Things Every Vector Manager Knows To Be True

Do you run a Branch? District? This is all about you. ****DISCLAIMER: These are my own individual opinions and are not those of Vector Marketing.

liisas 4 years ago

10 Reasons That You Want To Be At "Breaking Plaid" This Saturday

liisas 5 years ago

25 Reasons Why Arts 101 Week Is The Most Superb, Fantastic, Kick Ass Week Of Them All

Okay, so 101 Week is coming up super soon, and I KNOW you want to know more about Arts' supermegaawesomefoxyhot week, so here's a little sneak peek!

liisas 5 years ago

Top 25 Reasons Why 101 Week Is The Best Thing That Will Ever Happen To You. Ever.

uOttawa has a bunch of awesome. And you'll learn all about it during 101 week. Get excited for your University, and check out this list of why 101 Week is the best!

liisas 5 years ago

Your 101 Week Guides as told by Mean Girls

They're some cool people, that are here to make your University experience excellent.

liisas 5 years ago