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Top 25 Reasons Why 101 Week Is The Best Thing That Will Ever Happen To You. Ever.

uOttawa has a bunch of awesome. And you'll learn all about it during 101 week. Get excited for your University, and check out this list of why 101 Week is the best!

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1. Going to University is cool. This is your time to shine as the cool kids on campus.

2. You take a break from Netflix to see the world (well at least the town).

3. You'll chat with guides (who've been around, and know the best places) so you won't be stuck eating McD's every night.

4. You get a kickass set of swag in a bag.

Swag meaning an awesome shirt, and merch that's branded by your faculty. They think of it all!

5. You get to be you. Show us that sass.

No need to impress anyone. Just have a blast!

6. Make friends! Clearly the best thing.

7. YOU GET A SOLID WEEK OF PARTY. (Enough said).

*Be awesome. Don't be stupid. Make sense?

8. All the new Facebook profile pic opportunities!

Don't lie - it's appealing.

9. A bunch of free stuff just comes your way. Everyone wants to give 101ers free stuff on campus!

Discounts all the way.

10. uOttawa has one of the ONLY "wet" 101 Weeks in the country!

****** YOU DO NOT NEED TO DRINK. There's plenty of things for you to do without alcohol, or even exposure to alcohol.

11. All the guides stay sober so that you're watched out for...

12. Do things like this. Probably. Maybe.

Yeah there's a carnival and other events. Something like this will turn up, probs.

13. The guides really do want to help you get used to uni life

14. You might meet your new best friend.

15. A whole lot of this will happen.

Meet people that will be in your classes, and vaguely remember them!

16. No parents, no rules!

Well, "different" rules at least.

17. There's actually a ton of events - things everyone will like!

Not once will you say "this is lame". It's all awesome. Seriously.

18. There's "dry" events, or alternative events

*so that you don't have to be around alcohol if you don't want, there's lots of fun alternatives to fill up your whole week. Don't really know how this GIF is connected, but it's awesome, so... that.

19. Meet people in your program. Maybe do projects with them later on?

It's more fun when you know the people!

20. You'll always have a safe way home during the week

We've got you covered with walk-homes, so you don't need to worry!

21. The amount of fun you'll have is limitless!

22. Meet people that have the same interests as you

23. Maybe even find your next love interest!

24. There's a big cabin party at the end of the week!!!

It's called "Mario Party" so be prepared for a notch above awesome.

25. You'll make memories that will last forever. Literally.

So get ready to party with the best of them

Dance the night away

* If you like dancing. And dance during the day too, because life's too short to not do it.

When it's over you'll be so glad you did it

(seriously, if you don't you'll regret it)

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