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    • licor007

      I’m gonna be annoying, stereotypical and stupid, but that’s the way this article is as well
      #1: I guess it’s a big problem for you Americans to have A WALK to another store, that might be why you’re fat
      #2: diet soda won’t make you less fat
      #3: and why is exactly room temperature water NOT OK? when you drink ice cold water in hot weather you get a temperature shock and that’s definitely not good
      #4: yeah, everyone drinks espresso, because the whole Europe is actually Italy
      #5: yeah, this is actually shitty, but it’s not like you NEED tv shows for your survival
      #6: going everywhere by car makes you lazy and fat, with public transport you have to walk AT LEAST A BIT
      #7: oh yeah, low-fat, that’s the important thing again
      #8: ok, I agree with this actually
      #9: wide variety of sizes - is that because XXL is not big enough for you?
      #10: we cook. or don’t eat at all, because eating a lot at night makes you fat
      #11: WTF there’s wifi almost everywhere, where have you been?
      #12: yeah, this is shit, I agree with this one
      #13: PB & Jelly is the most disgusting thing ever
      #14: WTF is this about?
      #15: yes, because the whole Europe is touchy-feely.. especially Germany and Northern Europe
      #16: you can bring a DVD, stop whining
      #17: there’s actually a lot of non smoking pubs and restaurants everywhere in Europe, it’s forbidden to smoke in pubs in the majority of European countries, again, where the hell have you been??
      #18: yes, not enough sushi here, just one sushi restaurant at every corner
      #19: what the hell, rugby is not fucking football
      #20: again, THIS IS WHY YOU’RE FAT
      #21: what phone company are you using??!
      #22: this is not even popular
      #23: THIS-IS-WHY-YOU’RE-FAT (not with water though, but with everything else)
      #24: oh, that’s terrible, it’s not like you can’t celebrate them on your own
      #25: we don’t have french fries, we have chips
      #26: oh, too much work for you? … *ehm* lazy *ehm* fat *ehm*
      #27: too much math for you? … *ehm* american school system *ehm*
      #28: learn to cook and you can make any kind of pancakes you want, you lazy ass
      #29: try adapt more and save the environment, god.. (and it’s not like we don’t have air-conditioning almost everywhere)
      #30: like you can’t carry a water bottle with you, too heavy for you?
      #31: learn-to-cook-you-fatass
      #32: because they all wait in front of your window for you to open it
      #33: the important ones ARE open
      #34: because there’s not enough kinds of other bagels EVERYWHERE
      #35: and USD all look the same, so it’s difficult to tell them apart…

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