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20 Jim Halpert GIFs That Are Literally You During Christmastime

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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1. When you're so done with Christmas parties:

2. When you're over your drunk relatives arguing about politics:

3. When the hugs won't stop coming:

4. When you buy someone the perfect gift:

5. When someone in your family says something wildly inappropriate:

6. When you put an awesome gift in someone else's stocking:

7. When you see someone you know while Christmas shopping:

8. When the PDA needs to stop:

9. If you see snow...

10. ...and throw a snowball at your annoying cousin:

11. When you fight with your sibling over that last Christmas cookie:

12. When you're trying to burn off the Christmas calories:

13. When you drink that holiday Eggnog:

14. When you contemplate the meaning of Christmas:

15. When you get something awesome for Christmas:

16. When you successfully surprise someone with a present:

17. When Santa comes down that chimney:

18. When you're full but you gotta keep eating Christmas dinner:

19. When family drama unfolds:

20. And finally, when you don't want to say goodbye to your functionally dysfunctional family:

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