Madonna Just Shared An Extremely Rare Photo Of Beyoncé’s Daughter Rumi, And Fans Literally Can’t Get Over How Much She’s Grown

    “I know that's not one of the twins looking big like that?!??”

    It’s no secret that Beyoncé keeps an incredibly low profile when it comes to her personal life.

    Back in 2011, she surprised the world by announcing her first pregnancy live at the MTV Video Music Awards. A few months later, in January 2012, she gave birth to the little girl, Blue Ivy, who is now 11.

    Throughout her early childhood, Blue remained pretty low-key given that her parents are literally Beyonce and Jay Z. However, as she’s gotten a little older, she’s started making more public appearances with her mom and dad. She recently joined Bey on her Renaissance tour, for example, and won the hearts of fans worldwide in the process.

    Five years after Blue was born, Beyoncé announced that she and Jay Z were expecting twins.

    “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes,” she wrote on Instagram.

    As we now know, Beyoncé gave birth to a little boy and girl named Sir Carter, and Rumi.

    And she’s kept them relatively out of the public eye over the years, giving fans an occasional glimpse through the odd photo or video of them to her Instagram page or website.

    So, fans were pretty surprised this week when a brand-new photo of now-6-year-old Rumi surfaced online, all thanks to none other than Madonna.

    On Tuesday, Madonna took to her Instagram stories to reveal that she’d attended the Renaissance tour with three of her six kids: Mercy, Stella, and Estere.

    “Thank You Queen B. for your magnificent show! My daughters were enthralled! We Love you!” she wrote alongside a photo of the stage.

    Madonna then posted a series of photos of her and her kids enjoying themselves at the Renaissance tour — one of which was taken backstage, and featured Beyoncé and Rumi.

    And fans were immediately taken aback by just how much Rumi has grown since we last saw her.

    “I know that's not one of the twins looking big like that?!??” one person tweeted. “I swear celebrity kids grow up faster cuz I thought that baby was 2,” another person joked.

    I know that's not one of the twins looking big like that?!??

    — Make Oxtail Cheap Again (@simsimmaaz) August 1, 2023
    Twitter: @simsimmaaz

    “all bey’s babies tall omg look at lil rumi,” one user wrote, while someone else echoed, “OMG look at rumi’s cute lil self, she’s grown right up.”

    OMG look at rumi’s cute lil self, she’s grown right up😭

    — america’s problem👩🏾‍💻🤭 (@miss_raquelll) August 2, 2023
    Twitter: @miss_raquelll

    What’s more, fans couldn’t get over just how similar Rumi looks to her older sister, with several people even initially mistaking the photo for an old snap of Beyoncé and Blue.

    “Rumi? This isn’t Blue?” one tweet read. “Rumi is a mini Blue I cannot,” said another.

    “she looks just like blue omg,” someone wrote, while another user tweeted, “I thought this was an old photo with Blue OMG.”