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    Beyoncé Just Shared Some Super Rare Footage Of Her Twins

    "Give yourself permission to experience joy."

    Beyoncé just gave us a super rare look into her family life — including her 3-year-old twins, Sir and Rumi.

    To mark the new year, Queen Bey posted a four-minute 2020 summary on her IGTV, writing, "2020 divided us and united us. Most could not see loved ones and we felt too many losses, but we were united by our humanity."

    And in the "Savage Remix" portion of the video, Rumi is seen having a cute 'lil bop to the line, "If you don't jump to put jeans on, baby, you don't feel my pain."

    Rumi in a golf cart
    Beyoncé / Via

    Bey then asks Rumi, “How did you feel about summer this year? Did you have a good summer?” — to which she gives an adorable smile.

    Beyoncé and the twins in a golf cart
    Beyoncé / Via

    That's Sir sitting on Beyoncé's lap.

    This is probably a very obvious point, but heavens, Rumi looks a lot like Jay-Z and Bey.

    Rumi smiles while riding with her mom in a golf cart
    Beyoncé / Via

    There's also super cute footage of Blue Ivy recording her bit of “Brown Skin Girl” — you know, the one that made her one of the youngest-ever Grammy nominees.

    Beyoncé / Via

    The video finishes with the message to, "Give yourself permission to experience joy. Moments with the ones you love are precious."

    Beyoncé / Via

    Happy New Year, indeed!

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