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The 5 Stages To Finding An Internship

If you have done a job/internship search, or are doing one now, you know exactly what I mean. Disney really needs to make a "coming-of-age" film to guide me through this.

Lexi1307 • 3 years ago

Which Online Magazine Should You Write For?

Magazines are going digital, which one should you write for?

Lexi1307 • 4 years ago

How Addicted To Social Media Are You?

Everyone seems to be talking about how addicted to social media the Millennial generation is, so how addicted are you? Take this quiz to find out.

Lexi1307 • 4 years ago

How Will You Become Internet Famous?

The internet is full of celebrities, what will make you a shining star?

Lexi1307 • 4 years ago

Do You Follow Your Favorite Brands On Social Media?

Do you follow the crowd or do your own thing? See how you compare to your friends!

Lexi1307 • 4 years ago

Which Social Media Platform Are You?

Have you ever wondered which social media platform you are most like? Find out here!

Lexi1307 • 4 years ago

Careers That Pay You To Use Social Media

Four years of college, a degree, and a lot of Facebooking. Did you know that you can put your social media procrastinating to use? Social media as a career is here to stay. Find your dream job!

Lexi1307 • 4 years ago

How Social Media Savvy Are You?

Do you REALLY know social media? Take the quiz to find out!

Lexi1307 • 4 years ago