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    This Is What 100 Years Of Bunny Beauty Looks Like In Less Than 2 Minutes

    A century of fluff.

    Millions of people have seen "100 years of" videos that capture everything from make up trends over the century to men's grooming practices. But this Mashable video that captures 100 years of bunny beauty really does beat them all.

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    In 1910, bunnies preferred to sit and twitch their noses.

    But just a decade later, bunnies preferred a neat faux hawk of fuzz between their ears.

    The 1930s bunny style included a slight cow lick.

    The 1940s were more about a slight swoop of fuzz.

    Bunny beauty was slightly more conservative in the 1950s with smoothed out fluff.

    The turbulent 60s meant bunny fur was left untamed and fluffed.

    Bunny beauty diverted away from the sleek style of disco. Here a typical bunny in the 1970s has fluffed wild fur on its head.

    Bunny beauty in the 80's appears to be similar to the 1930s, but with a more modern twist.

    The 1990s brought grunge rock to bunny beauty.

    Bunny beauty in the 2000s resurrects the 1920s faux hawk with a smoothed out right ear.

    No duck face poses in the 2010s for beautiful bunnies.

    Bunny beauty is classic. Now, how does one get a job as a bunny stylist?