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This Cat Kept This Baby Safe While He Was In The Womb And Now Does The Same After He Was Born

Panda has been guarding this baby since he was still in the womb.

This is Liel Ainmar Assayag and her tuxedo cat, Panda.

Assayag and her husband, who live in Alberta, Canada, adopted Panda two years ago.

"Panda connected with me instantly," Assayag told BuzzFeed News. "She slept with me, purred on me."

Assayag said Panda is a "quiet and gentle girl" who likes "to run around the house, ruin the carpet, and knock over things."

When Assayag got pregnant last year, Panda started snuggling and purring on her growing belly.

"When the belly got bigger, she started putting her paws around the belly so it looked like she [was] hugging it," Assayag said.

After Assayag delivered their son, Sean Ivory, she sent her husband home with one of the baby's onesies so Panda and their two other cats could learn his smell.

"They ignored the baby for about a month," said Assayag of her cats. "After a month, they started coming closer to him and [sniffing] him."

Pretty soon, Panda started lying on top of the baby while purring, just like she did when Sean was in the womb. "She clearly loves him," said Assayag.

She's even doing the same pose!


The family's two other cats love Sean in different ways, said Assayag. One can be found sleeping in his bed and waking her up when the baby cries at night. The other often cuddles the baby.

"But Panda is the only one that clearly loved him from the beginning," she said. "Well, they have a long history together."

Assayag hopes to show how pets can be "part of the family" by sharing these photos of her son and Panda.

She said she's seen families abandon their pets as soon as they have kids.

"I want to show the people that pets are great companions for kids and they can learn so much from them," she said. "For some people they are just pets. But for the pets, people are their family and that's how we should treat them — as family. And you don't give up on your family."