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    Life In Your Twenties As Told By Dirty Restrooms

    It was the best of times, it was the shittiest of times.

    1. When you land your first job and overflow with joy:

    2. When you move into your first grown-up apartment and decide to decorate with pops of color:

    3. When you want to go out all night but end up staying in watching Netflix:

    4. When you show up to work and your co-worker is wearing the same thing:

    5. When you think you have, like, $500 in your bank account but get an overdraft notice:

    6. When you see your crush at the bar and your friends tell you to act normal:

    7. When you go to Sephora and try everything on:

    8. When you go on your eighth Tinder date and you just can't anymore:

    9. When you're trying to just read a little and a ton of work emails ruin your plan:

    10. When you get transferred to a new city for work and now your friends are far away:

    11. When you want to get your hair did but can only afford highlights:

    12. When you pass out halfway onto your bed:

    13. When you fall asleep and your friends draw on you:

    14. When you go to work after a late night out but spray a ton of perfume because you skipped showering:

    15. When your crush is coming over and you try to organize your apartment in fewer than five minutes:

    16. When you realize, despite the lows, you're actually living the life of your dreams and you laugh with your friends until you cry about how lucky you are: