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    • leslief6

      The problem is that everyone knows that the best way to understand an artist is to study his artwork. Well, scientists study the “artwork” of “Creation”, and the understanding they’ve revealed is that the universe is incredibly vast, complex, alien, and above all *indifferent*. The only possible conclusion is that the “artist” is the same. There are a lot of people who hate science for showing them that, because they’d rather believe in a god who’s bad tempered, sex-hating, cruel, woman-abusing and irrational than one that’s completely indifferent. —Leslie <;)))>< Fish

    • leslief6

      Before I spent anything on luxuries, I would buy the two empty lots next door to me, clear the land, fence it, reconstitute the soil, and then plant it to rare fruit trees: specifically, the Eversweet Golden Pomegranate, which nobody in this state grows commercially. A few visits to upscale groceries, and I’d have a guaranteed market for the fruit.  Once the business was flourishing, and guaranteed to support me and my husband for life, *then* I’d spend money on luxuries — starting with cosmetic surgery, delicious meals at upscale restaurants, a live-in housekeeper, an improved entertainment center, and an art studio for myself. That would keep me busy and contented for the rest of my life. —Leslie <;)))>< Fish

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