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How Would You Spend $1 Million?

Fifteen nights in a palatial suite or 70 years in a run-down motel? A few bottles of bubbly or André for life? Would you splurge for a few of the best or settle for a lot of the bargain?

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Hotel Stays

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For $65,000 a night, you can stay in the Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. Private elevator? Yes. Library? Yes. Fitness center? Yes. Steinway grand piano? Yes. Bulletproof windows? Yes. If you live by the "motel, mo' fun" motto, you can stay at the Motel 6 in Southgate, Detroit, Mich., for less than $40 a night. The in-room Jacuzzi is sure to be a good time.


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These blinding Beats by Dr. Dre hold 114 carats of diamonds and cost a flat $1 million. And if Lil' Wayne can rock 'em, so can you. If you think there's too much bling, the $2.99 Labtec Earphones will serve the same purpose.


Real Estate

This recently upgraded 812-square-foot apartment in the Financial District of New York City has one bedroom and one bath. Built in 2001, this expansive 6,041-square-foot country estate on over 11 acres has four bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths. Both are on the market for $985,000: just over $1,213 per square foot for the apartment and just under $164 per square foot for the country estate.



The $150,000 MTT Turbine SuperBike holds the "Most Powerful Motorcycle Ever to Enter Series Production" title according to the Guinness World Records. Its over 300hp engine is made by Rolls-Royce. Honda's 2013 Ruckus is much more affordable at $2,649, but Jay Leno doesn't own one, so it's definitely less appealing.


This Superlative Luxury shirt with a $400,000 price tag sports 16 certified diamonds. It is also produced using environmentally friendly processes. If you don't feel like splurging, you can pick up a $5.97 Hanes T-shirt. It won't hug your curves as nicely as its diamond-studded friend, of course, but it'll do.


Bottles of Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck got lost at sea in 1916 but were recovered in 1997. You can buy a bottle for $275,000 at The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow. Or, you can get an almost-as-classy bottle of André Brut for $3.47, which boasts a dry blend of fruity flavors.


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The high-end pudding dessert found at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in England costs $34,531. Its Fabergé egg-like appearance is complemented by edible gold leaves and a diamond. If you want one, make sure to order it two weeks in advance. Or, go with a slightly more economical Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding for $0.25 per cup at Walmart, and the nostalgia comes gratis.