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The 25 Most Disastrous Things All '90s Girls Experienced

You asked for "the Rachel" and instead got a devil's haircut.

1. Your Sky Dancer would fly with reckless abandon to its death. (Or take someone's eye out.)


2. When you went to your local salon asking for "the Rachel" and they clearly had no idea how to execute it.

3. When you had to explain to the nurse that you'd twisted your ankle...because you'd fallen over in your platform sneakers.

4. When you got in trouble at school for wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and having your bra straps showing.

5. Or when you got sent home from school for wearing a midriff-revealing top.

6. When your Manic Panic dye job did NOT turn out to be the color in the jar. (Which was most of the time, tbh.)

7. When your VCR decided to do THIS to your Clueless tape:

8. When you ended up wearing the same dress as someone else to the dance. Which happened way too often because everyone shopped the Delia's catalog.

9. Whenever you couldn't use the phone or the internet to discuss the latest episode of Dawson's Creek with your BFF because your parents were on the phone.

10. Whenever your snap crotch bodysuit would ride up uncomfortably.

"OK, how do I discreetly fix this situation?!"

11. Whenever you would lend that ONE friend your favorite CD and they would lose it.

12. When you ordered something super cute from a catalog and had to wait WEEKS for it to come...

13. ...or worse yet, having that super cute item be on backorder.

14. When your dad answered the phone whenever one of your friends or crushes called and immediately proceed to make a dumb joke or interrogate them.

15. When you used Sun-In for the first time and got peroxide orange streaks instead of blonde highlights.

16. When your BFF would all of a sudden steal your ~signature~ scent.

17. Being a normal moody teen and having a parent bring up Reviving Ophelia for the 1,000th time.

18. When your glow-in-the-dark stars would startle you awake after falling on you in the middle of the night.

19. Being the girl who got the Grape Jelly or Peanut Butter Lip Smacker in a birthday goody bag.

20. Hearing a rumor that Leonardo DiCaprio was kind of a dick in real life.

21. Getting a belly button or tongue piercing and attempting to keep it a secret from your parents. Which never, ever worked out well.

22. Having your beeper taken away by the teacher because it went off in the middle of class after your crush paged you.

23. When you actually had to use one of your cute erasers as an eraser.

24. When Bath & Body Works discontinued your signature scent.

25. When you realized in the middle of class that your feet totally smelled thanks to your jellies.