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    An Honest Discussion About Forever 21's Graphic T-Shirts

    French phrase + hashtag + "cool" city = T-shirt.

    We (Kristin, left, and Leo, right) are two sophisticated ladies who have noticed that Forever 21 sells some ~interesting~ graphic T-shirts. And we had many thoughts on them.

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    We should probably disclose that we both, on occasion, shop at Forever 21 despite being much closer to 30. They have some cute stuff. They also have some pretty questionable stuff. Here we go...


    Kristin: I think if you searched for this phrase on Twitter, it could come up like 20 times. Also, what are you saying here? That you've never truly learned to love a human, only pizza?

    Leo: This is really sad to me. I would not broadcast this sentiment on my boobs.

    Kristin: Also, I think it's very interesting that this is basically the same thing as this Instagram caption from eight months ago. JUST SAYING.


    Kristin: Isn't this the reason why people do most things? You might as well say: "I'm only breathing because it's part of the human experience."

    Leo: This makes me miss the '90s when "like" was an actual emotion and people did things for more honorable reasons like money or sex. If I may invoke the words of the great Fred Durst: "I did it all for the nookie."


    Leo: #What #the #fuck #is #this #fucking #dumb #shit.

    Kristin: Look, youths, you're the ones who created hashtags. You made this internet bed, and now you must lie in it.

    Leo: I still call it the number sign; apparently teens are unaware that it means this.

    Kristin: I call it the pound sign!


    Leo: Is this funny? Depresso heh heh. I might try saying this when the coffee runs out and see what happens.

    Kristin: This is for the discerning woman who goes to the store and thinks, "I need a shirt that my awkward downstairs neighbor will reference every time I wear it."


    Leo: Anytime I see lists like this, my inclination is to be like, "stop stereotyping women." But I really like doing all the things on this shirt (well, maybe not the rain one). So. What. Does. That. Mean. I feel like I should feel bad about myself now.

    Kristin: How are you supposed to read this without being right up in someone's personal space?


    Kristin: "No new friends" is more or less what I fear every person I meet is thinking anyway, so this is at least being transparent about it.

    Leo: Agreed. This is an effective mode of advertising that you will probably "have a cold" when someone texts you to hang out.


    Kristin: So... in English, this shirt means "I don't like you good."

    Leo: Kinda. But it for sure seems like caveman talk. I read good. Fashion fun. Shirt real good.

    Kristin: Also, fun to note that in the reviews, one of the "pros" of this shirt is that it is "classy."


    Kristin: Oh Look, the Unfunny And Insensitive T-Shirt Fairy left us a present!

    Leo: I do this though!

    Kristin: I sometimes do as well, but could you imagine coming across this in a store or in life if you had real issues with eating? Like, ugh.


    Kristin: WHAT DOES THIS PHRASE MEAN? I tried googling it, but nothing? Is this phrase like one of those super high-pitched sounds that only teenagers can hear, because they have young ears?

    Leo: I know what it means i'm just not telling you.

    Kristin: That's just mean.

    Leo: That was a joke. As far as I know, this is Kanye's latest sport vodka collaboration.


    Kristin: This shirt is perfect if you have a vampire friend with a birthday coming up.


    Kristin: What exactly do feathers have to do with living for the night?

    Leo: I obviously just explained it.


    Leo: Definitive proof that where I live is officially the world's most uncool neighborhood.

    Kristin: No one who actually lives in Silver Lake (or any other city for that matter) actually wears the name of their residential area on a T-shirt. That literally never happens.

    Leo: I kinda think people in Brooklyn though...

    Kristin: NO!

    Leo: Although this does remind my that my local CVS makes these kinda island motif shirts that say "Silver Lake" on them and I've always thought of buying one. Did I just say that out loud?


    Leo: This shirt might be brilliant.

    Kristin: This is the shirt you wear if you like rap but you can't actually name any rappers.

    Leo: This is the shirt you wear when you own that book white people love about decoding rap lyrics.


    Leo: "The love, the music, and a fashion."


    Leo: Balzac is rolling over in his grave.


    Kristin: I think I'm going to buy this, and then just wear it for ten days straight. That would basically be performance art, right?

    Leo: You wear that, then I'm gonna wear a shirt that says LAST CLEAN SHIRT IN THE WORLD.


    Kristin: OK, this just says "Get your foot in the I love Paris."

    Leo: Get in the love? I'm actually trying to concept this. Foot in the love... foot... foot?

    Kristin: This is basically every Forever 21 shirt ever: it's got pithy advice, something in French, the name of a city.

    Leo: But nothing about food or hashtags...


    Leo: Barbie good. Barbie perfect. Also reads like caveman talk to me.

    Kristin: Also, shouldn't there be a "Barbie Perfect" tee in non plus size? And why isn't there a "Ken Perfect" shirt for men? MISANDRY.

    Leo: "Life in plastic, it's fantastic." Life in cotton-poly blend, it's GARBAGE.


    Leo: This kind of presumes that somewhere, someone spells it New Yourk.

    Kristin: More like "Same you, shittier apartment."

    Leo: This shirt is broken.


    Leo: This shirt needs to go spend some time with Oprah or like Joan of Arc or basically any female role model.

    Kristin: I am making an audible noise of discomfort. But I do like that they made the all the "S"s into dollar signs, just in case you don't know what money is.


    Leo: She's operating on the assumption that people automatically think she's dumb. Which, well, if you're wearing this shirt... just sayin'. Oh! Maybe this is some kind of meta joke. ::thinks:: No, no. Just kidding.

    Kristin: To take the other side for a moment, if I owned this, it might be a really helpful visual aid for whenever I do something that makes no sense.


    Kristin: OK, I laughed at this. I stand by that laugh 100%.

    Leo: "Crêpe" is not pronounced like "crap." This is why the French think we are uncultured slobs.

    Kristin: Still hilarious.


    Leo: Love that classic WS. Willy S.

    Kristin: Willy S. Coyote.


    Leo: Forever 21 needs a subcategory for all their passive aggressive T-shirts.

    Kristin: This is just inconsiderate. You are basically forcing other people to drive you places while you just sleep.

    Leo: Right. Just say it, don't wear it.


    Leo: They should go to jail for making this. Fashion jail.

    Kristin: Don't buy this shirt unless you want to have a lot of conversations with concern trolls. Actually, that's probably a good reason to buy this shirt: You're going to figure out REALLY FAST all the people you don't want to talk to any more.

    Leo: Maybe they thought plus-size women would feel like they were "taking it back from the man." Oy va voy.

    Kristin: But in all honesty: If you just cross out the "he" and put in an "f" instead, it's actually a pretty good shirt.

    After gaining a deep understanding of Forever 21 T-shirts, we decided to design the ULTIMATE F21 tee:

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