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    Traveling In Your Early Twenties Vs. Traveling In Your Late Twenties

    Where we're going, we don't need roads. (Or so you said at 21.)

    1. In your early twenties, when you visit a new city, you're all about the nightlife.

    In your late twenties: Your entertainment priorities revolve around finding the city's greatest culinary offerings.

    2. In your early twenties, it's much easier to just pick up and go somewhere (you're still in school, or you're between jobs)...

    In your late twenties, you've got schedules to juggle, commitments, and complications with vacation time to deal with.

    3. In your early twenties, all your trips are with your BFFs.

    In your late twenties, you begin to love traveling alone.

    4. In your early twenties, you are all about taking extremely long road trips — even across the country.

    When you're older, long road trips seem like just about the least fun ever.

    5. Early twenties: Couchsurfing.

    Late twenties: Airbnb.

    6. In your early twenties, you'll do some "ironic" travel.

    In your late twenties, you're OK doing something cliche that's actually fun.

    7. When you're younger, you're super excited about youth discount programs.

    When you're older, scoring a discount rate on a hotel flash sale site makes you giddy.

    8. In your early twenties, it would never occur to you to NOT stay in a hostel.

    In your late twenties, your ideal lodging is a quiet/trendy/still affordable hotel room.

    9. When you're younger, you'll use just about any normal bag to pack your stuff in.

    When you’re older, you are psyched when you can finally afford matching luggage.

    10. In your early twenties, you generally don't get to travel for work. But you think it'd be really cool if you did.

    When you're older, you may get to travel for work... but the novelty wears off fast.

    11. In your early twenties, the souvenirs you bring home tend to remind you of all the alcohol you consumed on your trip:

    In your late twenties, you obsess over bringing home something you can't get anywhere else.

    12. In your early twenties, you'll take advantage of off-season ticket prices — even if it means going somewhere when it's really, really cold.

    In your late twenties: You figure out how to make it work when you really want it.

    13. When you're younger, most of the trips you plan are about exploring and livin' it up.

    In your late twenties, you end up having to budget vacation days for friends' weddings or to see their newborn babies.

    Of course, some things never change...

    Drinking in airport bars never gets old.

    And you'll never outgrow Instagramming beautiful #upintheair vistas.

    And whether you're in your early twenties or your late twenties (or any age, really!), you'll never stop wanting to see the world.