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17 Times Dollar Stores Failed So Hard They Almost Won

Betcha bottom dollar.

1. When they sold string bikinis in the infant bib section.

2. When they were open nine days a week.

@deevee02 Remember that one time the dollar store had a #fail #theytried

3. When they wished you a "happa Easter."

4. When they sold a puzzle that was likely very confusing the first couple minutes you worked on it.

5. When they sold these alphabet stickers...but apparently to get the full alphabet you'll need more than $1.

6. When this Mary action figure underwent a sex change.

7. When they sold white chocolate Pringles...which were clearly in the dollar store for a reason.

8. When they offered up these toy turcks.

9. When they seriously decided to sell DIY vajazzle kits..."for the young at heart."

10. When they sold a Hangman game, which is great, except no words with the letter "r" allowed.

Dollar Store #fail! Pirates must have stolen the "R" from Hangman. Arrrr! Rrrrrr!

11. When they were responsible for some poor kid getting a meowing dog stocking on Christmas morning.

12. When they sold this definitely family-unfriendly Halloween decoration.

Should've taken a closer look at this before we hung it on our front door. #HalloweenFail #dollarstorefail

13. When they thought the Yankees were from Canada.

14. When these toy dinosaurs were caught in a rather compromising position.

15. When they encouraged America's youth to pursue education.

#facepalm MT @jimnewberry: Dollar store in #HLP. Back to school indeed. #backtoschool #signs #fail

16. When they tried to pass off Halloween decorations as "summer fun."

17. And when they sold this pool toy, which looked rather dildo-y once out of its packaging.

#dollartreefail #dollarstorefail #squirtgunfail Ages 5+ for sure! I about died in the dollar tree when I saw these!