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16 Things Teen Girls Wore In The Winter Of 1996

As tOld By tHE dELiA's CAtALoG.

1. Sweaters with Nordic patterns. You know, to channel your Scandinavian ice princess roots.

2. Ringer tees.

3. Boots with just the right amount of chunk.

4. Snowboarder sweaters so oversized, you'd be swimming in them.

5. Adidas knock-off track pants. (No need to change for gym class!)

6. Goddamned sweater vests.

7. Overalls. Good god, overalls.

8. Baggy corduroys. (Oh, and those tanks...millions of them.)

9. Flannel PJ sets aka Saturday daywear.

10. Knit winter accessories, much stripes.

11. Watch rings. 'Cause wrists were so passé in '96.

12. Flower hair clips. Middle part mandatory.

13. Puffy vests. Oh so puffy.

14. Mailman pants. (WHY?)

15. Empire waist dresses from Cher Horowitz's lower-priced, discount closet.

16. Baggy pajama pants that you thought were OK to wear to school. Sigh. Memories.

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