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19 Things All People Who Work In An Office Will Never Confess

It was Cheryl's fault.

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1. Being the one responsible for clogging up the toilet.

2. Keeping a bottle of booze in your desk.

3. Being the author of passive-aggressive notes.

Literally the only thing worth coming to the office for.

4. Drinking the last of the coffee without making more.

Accio coffee invisibility cloak!

5. Stalking your co-workers on Facebook...


...and on LinkedIn. Ohhh, LinkedIn.

6. Admitting IMing the wrong co-worker...whom you were clearly gossiping about.

It was for Cheryl. Definitely for Cheryl.

7. Being the office food thief. KNOWINGLY. REPEATEDLY.

Shhhh. A secret you'll never tell. XOXO, OFFICE GIRL.

8. Having a deep dislike for your co-workers.


It's business and it is personal.

9. Having a work crush, even if you have a significant other.

Viacom /

No, I do not like Danny OMG you guyssss.

10. Being the person who accidentally printed 200 pages of nothing.

11. Admitting the real reason you were late to the office.

Traffic, sick kid, threw out my back... All true. SO TRUE.

12. The time you wasted an entire afternoon doing absolutely nothing. On purpose.


And by "time," I mean biweekly. #productivity

13. Being the one who secretly adjusts the thermostat.

14. Shifting blame onto the least popular person in the office. And not feeling one bit guilty about it.


Cheryl needs to get her act together.

15. Doing something on a conference call other than focusing on your conference call.

16. Admitting just HOW drunk you were at the office party.

17. Expensing a couple extras here and there.

18. Being the "person" who is the subject of an office-wide email.


Who was it? Do you know who it was? I don't? Do you? WHO? OK but who do you THINK it was?

19. Pretending like you're listening to music when in fact you are eavesdropping on your co-workers.

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