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    The Nominees For The '98 Kids' Choice Awards Will Shock You Now

    Please tell me you voted for Robin Williams on this Nickelodeon score sheet.

    Here's a relic from your past: an old score sheet for the 11th annual Kids' Choice Awards, hosted by Nickelodeon. The year was 1998. The nominees were...quite an interesting bunch. Let's take a look at the top choices in kid stuff from that year.

    Favorite movie? Titanic, OBVI.

    Titanic did in fact win that year.

    Favorite singer? Oh gawwwd I'm really hesitating between Celine Dion and Will Smith cuz MIAMIIII.

    And the winner was...Monsieur Puff Daddy.

    OK. Seriously? All the nominees in the favorite movie actor category were over 30 at the time. I'm going with Robin Williams because he's such a hunk.

    Will Smith won.

    Favorite group. This is such a sad reflection of our musical tastes. Gonna say...Hanson?

    Ding! Hanson won.

    I haven't thought about the song "I'll Be Missing You" since this airing of the Kids' Choice Awards.

    The winner was "MMMBop."

    Kirstie Alley?! Kirstie. Alley?!

    Melissa Joan Hart won, so that makes more sense.

    My favorite TV actor is definitely the dad on Home Improvement.

    Shoulda seen it coming: JTT took home the prize.

    Favorite movie actress...who the heck is Beverly D'Angelo?

    Oh...right. It's Babs from Entourage. But what had we seen her in that wound her up on the ballot? I'm gonna guess NOT American History X.

    Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

    Well, anyhow, Alicia Silverstone won, so all was right in the world.

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